A way is shaped while being walked.

Barbara Meyer

Barbara Meyer

With almost 20 years of experience in the movie and television business, precision and accuracy run through her veins. She prefers calling a spade a spade. Clarity is her top priority. In addition to that, she knows the best ways in which you can prepare yourself for the stage of life and therefore she is our specialist for personality development.

Bernd Kappeller

Bernd Kappeller

His continuous work in business, associations and science makes him able to grasp complex systems at lightning speed producing razor sharp results. Bernd is a graduate sports scientist who understands „organizations“ as „organic systems“ and provides you with an eye for natural contexts.

His concepts are tailored precisely to meet your requirements.

Our vision

Hände am Strange

Ensuring the ability to act

Achieving, saving or regaining the ability to act is a fundamental additional value of systemic working. Understanding patterns in action and structure enables realizing and developing sustainable solutions …

Jonglierbälle im Wald

Focus on the essential

In an increasingly fast moving and complex working environment the boundaries of the essential and necessary have become unclear. Our external perception of organization systems and of personality impact will help you to regain clearness …

Frau balanciert auf Brettern

Respecting needs

Take time to gain time. This additional value of our services is highly appreciated by executives, by human resources and staff departments as well as by those with managerial and process responsibilities …

Customer feedback

Stefanie Wurm – managing director – CONTUR GmbH Consulting | Training

We have been working with Barbara and Bernd for over 17 years and they have always been the most committed and competent as well as reliable partners for any kind of projects in our personnel and organization development. Our clients highly benefit from this long term relationship. Filling these projects with life means supervising change processes, chairing and counseling strategy meetings and conceiving and operating trainings and team developments in a professional way.


Stefanie Wurm
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    We really love working with you, especially in teams of international participants in order to strengthen our relationship with global clients.

    We appreciate your professionalism in your systemic approach which assures us the connection between the development of individual competence and the development of the entire team at all times. Your positive energy and the high profile of your work makes us know that we have the right partner on our side. Thank you so much!

Bettina Pick – Manager in Personnel Development – Fiege Logistik

Since 2008 we have worked together in order to elaborate and implement development programs at Fiege. Thank you for your precious advice and your unique commitment. Our cooperation has influenced and strengthened our staff development in a sustainable manner. I am looking forward to work on many more projects with you!


Betina Pick